What this blog is all about

My wife tells me that it is a waste of my time to get into political, moral, or philosophical discussion on social media; the people on there are not looking for meaningful conversation. They are, instead, looking for the “attaboys” that come along with posting something that their highly curated friends list will laud them for. You know, showing how woke (whatever that really means) they are and getting bunches of internet high fives for doing so.

So much of what I rail against on social media are the arguments that are based in emotion instead of facts. I am not saying that emotion is irrelevant in a meaningful discussion; instead I insist that it cannot be what the argument is based on, especially if there is any hope of fixing a problem and/or inducing meaningful change.

No matter how hard anyone tries to, emotions cannot change the facts of the issue at hand. However, it is important to understand that facts and emotions do interact in significant ways; emotions affect your perceptions of fact, and facts can alter your emotions. This is why it is important to step beside your emotions and take an objective look at the facts when engaging in discussion. By separating the facts from your emotions you allow the strength of your argument to stand prominently, unobscured by your own biases.


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