Where I Stand on Racism

I want to preempt any post that I make about racism by stating my beliefs here:

  • It is evil. Full stop.
  • We should ostracize and condemn racists for their beliefs. Full stop.
  • Unprovoked violence against racists makes you, at best, no better a person than they are.
  • Irrefutable evidence is necessary to back up accusations of being racist; not evidence that is circumstantial, out of context, or “dog whistle” in nature.
  • There is no such thing as “reverse racism.” It is all just racism.
  • It does not require the undertones of Marx’s Conflict Theory, or “power imbalances.” Any attempt to steer away from the dictionary definition of racism is an attempt for the that person to excuse their own behavior.
  • Anyone, no matter their own race, is capable of being racist. It is not exclusive to white people. If you feel otherwise it is because you are attempting to excuse your own behavior


Racism, the way of the Democratic Party

I may update this from time to time as the need arises and I welcome open discussion about this topic. Limits on what is and is not acceptable to discuss are totalitarian and un-American.


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