You Need To Vote In The Midterm Election

The Midterm Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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Texans, Beto Is Bad For You

The midterm election is fast approaching. Voting is a right that many Americans take for granted because they do not think politics has any effect on them. Or, maybe, they just do no care. But they should, and so should you. Over a billion people around the world live under a government in which they have no say in. In places like Iraq, under the threat of attack by recently (mostly) defeated ISIS, 8 million voters (44.5% of eligible) turned out to have a say in how their lives are run. In the 2016 General Election 55.7% of American voters turned out; we were not under threat of terroristic activity. The United States is better than this. We are better than only having a 25% higher turnout than Iraq.

What is at stake?

For the last (almost) two years the left has been apoplectic. It is funny to watch the left’s hyperbolic response to anything Trump. But, their “righteous” indignation is going to drive them to the voting booth in record numbers.

If you would vote against a Democrat, but you do not vote, you help elect Democrats. It is as simple as that.

The saying “complacency kills” is true when it comes to the midterms; no, I am not accusing the democrats of being responsible for killing people if they are elected. They, however, will kill anything good that the Trump Administration has done for the country. They will try and make bigger and more expensive government a thing.

Currently serving Democrats are not being shy about, should they take control of congress after the midterm election, what their agenda will be. They will turn the House and Senate into a kangaroo court against the President, and the right more generally. They will work to undermine the President at every turn.

Things that the left may do if they control congress:

Go after Judge Kavanaugh
Move to impeach the President
If impeachment fails, they will stonewall judicial nominees
Move to undo tax cuts
Medicare for All may become a reality
Move towards “Democratic Socialism”
Gun Control
Overbearing corporate regulations
Voting Democrat = Leverage for illegals; Rep. Pelosi
Rebuilding of Obamacare

This list is by no means all inclusive of what the Democrats want to do if they win.

Reach out to your friends and family that may be undecided, get registered, and help others get registered. If you do meet an undecided voter, do not appeal to their emotions. Instead, use facts and reason to convince them to vote republican. Talk to them about the economy and what may happen if things are abruptly reversed. Be smart and be respectful when discussing the issues.

Do not do anything that is against voting laws

Seems about right

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