Rahm Emanuel; He is Actually (Kind of) Correct

Another weekend has come and gone in the Windy City, so you know what that means? Yep, a boatload of people got shot in a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the county. Chicago is proof of why gun rights advocates look so scornfully upon gun control advocates. Chicago epitomizes the failures of gun control.

However, I have to give credit where credit is due; Mayor Emanuel said, “There are values. There are too many guns on the street, too many people with criminal records on the street, and there is a shortage of values about what is right and what is wrong.” [Emphasis mine.]

He is completely right about it being a values problem. I, and an overwhelming majority of gun rights advocates, could not agree with you more, Mr. Mayor; it is a values problem. Sadly, you are unwilling to make a distinction between the valueless monsters that roam your streets, and the millions of gun owners that you and your gun control cronies love to chastise.

In the sheep, sheepdog, and wolf metaphor, these valueless people are wolves. They are preying on the sheep and even other wolves (when they can). There are no more sheepdogs because of your failed gun control policies. The wolves run amok in your city.

Mayor Emanuel, I agree that there is a values problem. I believe you could empower the sheepdogs of Chicago. But, sadly, it is also the values of people like you that are standing in the way of change. Gun control advocates, like yourself, stand on the graves of gun violence victims when they call for more gun control laws that would have done nothing to prevent the deaths they are addressing.

You are a corrupt mayor whose own police force believes you do not have their best interest at heart, just your own political well-being. You further prove their point when you double down on more gun control as a solution to the violence. Instead of making politically risky decisions about how to solve the violence problem in your city, you again put your own political interests up front. You see no other options than more gun control, and scoring points with the gun control “progressives” you rely on by doing so. Chicago is what happens when you take away the sheepdogs, and any respectable shepherd understands how invaluable sheepdogs are to their herd.

I hope that eventually advocates of gun control such as yourself will wise up to the failures of your policies. You and your ilk have some of the victims’ blood on your hands.


This is my second time mentioning Chicago because of weekends like this past one, first one here. Over 120 people got shot across these two weekends. If this trend continues my commentary will become a regular series on the failures of gun control.



The Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates

Gun control advocates are hypocrites of the highest degree. Whenever there is a large, highly publicized tragedy involving gun violence, their pants collectively get tighter. They think that now is their time, and this time will be different; those ass backwards people that cling to their God and their guns will finally see things their way. The RIGHT way, the way of virtue, and moral clarity. The common sense way!

They present their ideas as fresh, “I cannot believe we did not think of this before!”, kind of ideas.

They fail to realize is that nobody likes gun violence. Even people in gangs, the very people that are the cause of and victims of most gun violence, think that gun violence sucks. Their buddy gets killed and they get all pissed and go kill others. There may be like 37 people in the United States that likes gun violence.

The loathsome idols of the gun grabber’s focus are the guns that look super scary. You know, the kind with the shoulder thing that goes up, video link, or those damned fully-semi-automatic ones.

When the talking heads make statements like the ones above, 99.9% of gun owner’s eyes nearly roll right out their head. The talking heads think they are using the jargon properly, but they are actually making that 99.9% dig in their heels more. They are showing the law abiding gun owner that they have no clue what they are talking about. They then expect the law abiding gun owner to be comfortable with their doltish selves making the laws and policies. Then they wonder why there is such fervent pushback.

It borders on insanity.

You may have heard or read that 11 killed and nearly 70 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings.

There will be no CNN town hall, there will be no protests led by the abhorrent David Hogg, and the overall coverage will surely be overshadowed by some porn star and her unethical lawyer (or something as equally trite).

“Why?” you may ask. Great question; it is because no one cares about the gang member that gets killed in some hood somewhere. Even though this type of violence makes up the majority of gun violence, no seems to bat an eye. Instead the focus is on the one-off incidents and the tragedies that have happened recently.

The Joker from The Dark Knight is very pertinent here.

Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I tell the press that like a gang banger, will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all, part of the plan. But when I say that one, little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!

He is, for all intents and purposes, correct. He knows no one cares if a bunch of gang members die. It’s baked in to being a gang member, but it is still a massive problem. A problem that should be the focus of the left’s ire, not me or my guns, or anyone else who only wishes to preserve their own safety within the convoluted and often hard to/impossible to enforce legal donkey show constructs that gun laws are becoming. If the gun grabbing do-gooders want to make a meaningful change they would focus their attention on the gang violence that engulfs urban America. That is where there is ground to be made. Not by micromanaging the law abiding gun owner by telling them that an 11 round magazine is a crime, but 10 is ok. That’s really (not) going to have an impact on the criminals that commit the majority of gun violence in the country. Criminals do not follow laws, hence the existence of the criminal.

Most gun control advocates, I think, are not looking for, or even expecting, their proposals to pass. They are looking for a cudgel to use against those that disagree with them in order virtue signal about how refined, civilized, and much of an intellectual they are. When the proposals they make are actually ones based in “common sense” and focus on the majority of gun violence in the country I may change my tune in that.

I think that the idea of white privilege is stupid, but this is a fun counterargument to make against those that want gun control and decry white privilege.